The Loan Process


  1. Complete a loan application. The application is the formal beginning of the loan process.

  2. Lender evaluation. After you give the necessary information, FFFCC goes to work.

  3. Property evaluation. FFFCC will conduct an appraisal (at your cost) for the property value.

  4. Mortgage decision. After all the evaluations and inspections, the FFFCC will either approve or reject the application. If a mortgage is rejected, the lender will provide a list detailing the reasons.

  5. Loan agreement. If approved for a loan, another round of paperwork begins. At this point, you should involve a lawyer to help review the terms and conditions of the mortgage and look for any undisclosed fees. Once you and your lawyer have requested changes and reviewed the final documents, we can finalize the loan commitment. The money is typically available to you within a few days of finalizing the paperwork.